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We know you have been there. You have a client who has extremely limited resources and is hoping you can work miracles with a judge. But your client can’t afford a $5,000 a month rehab, let alone a $30,000 a month one. Or perhaps your client isn’t able or willing to take time off from work and other obligations to enter a facility. They think it will “all work out” — but you know better.

Our Mitigate-Eliminate program leverages modern technology and leading edge treatment approaches to help deliver services for DUI and Criminal case clients for as little as $2,999.00.

We know you know… Rehab Works!

DUI or criminal complaint? Judges may look more favorably on a defendant that is proactive about receiving treatment for a substance abuse or character issue. Our Mitigate – Eliminate Program uses telemedicine to help deliver the services your clients need without outrageous costs and disruptive treatment.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology. The Smashing Addiction Now platform helps providers leverage telemedicine in their practices through advanced cloud-based communication technologies, such as HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing, secure messaging, and Instant Chat among others. Telemedicine helps mental health providers to widen their reach to patients in a cost-effective manner for a greater continuum of care.

But is Telemedicine Effective?

91% of telehealth outcomes were as good or better than face to face interactions. – National Institute of Health (NIH)

Service Offerings:

All sessions are conducted by a trained Licensed Therapist. This course is to be completed BEFORE sentencing and will provide you with powerful tools to assist you in effecting the most positive outcome possible.

Service Includes:

  • Total Treatment/Rehab Program for DUI/Criminal with Trained Licensed Therapists

  • 100% HIPPA compliant

  • 2 Hour ENTRANCE INTERVIEW with Evaluation report for treatment recommendations

  • 8 ONE HOUR SESSIONS or 16 THIRTY MINUTE on-line interactive video sessions with therapist report for each session

  • EXIT INTERVIEW with full evaluation REPORT

  • Complete rehab programs as low as $2,999.00 (Financing Available)

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