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“91% of telehealth outcomes were good or greater than face to face interactions.” National Institute of Health (NIH)

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Any good DUI or Criminal Attorney knows that after you have been charged and released from jail the FIRST THING you should do is enroll in an an Alcohol or Drug treatment program. Why? Because rehab is a huge factor in influencing judges and their sentencing decisions.

But Can You Afford Rehab?

Yes, rehab can be very, very, costly. Some treatment centers can cost $10,000 a month or more! To to make matters even worse, on-site treatment facilities usually make any kind of employment impossible. But getting into rehab is an extremely important part of giving you the best chance of staying out of jail, or reducing your sentence. It is a Catch-22 and it favors the wealthy. But we are here to help change that.

Level the Playing Field

That is why we have introduced the Mitigate-Eliminate Program to LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD.

The National Institute of Health has determined that on-line therapist sessions are very effective. You can receive rehab treatment on-line while sitting in the comfort of your own home at a reduced cost. No pricey rehab centers that take you away from family and work. You can do it from your own home, keep your job, and still improve your chances for a fair and reasonable judgment.


1. Get you healthy

2. Keep you at home with friends and family and not incarcerated.

3. The most favorable sentencing outcome possible.

We offer programs starting as low as $2,999 that will empower your attorney in building your defense.


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