SmashingAddictionNow - Over 15 Years of Experience

Over 15 Years Experience

SmashingAddictionNow delivers highly specialized services to DUI and Criminal defense attorneys.

We have been one of the leading case providers for major law firms for the past 15 years. Our Mitigate Eliminate program provides leading edge tools that are cost-effective, delivering exceptional value to clients and more “wins” for your case load.

Team - SmashingAddictionNowWe know what you need to effectively build your case and defend clients.

SmashingAddicitionNow.com and the Mitigate Eliminate program deliver services that are highly targeted for DUI and Criminal Defense Attorneys. Our leading edge Telemedicine program includes a 2 hour Entrance Interview followed by a detailed report that creates your road map for guiding your client to a positive outcome.

Sessions are conducted by a Trained Licensed Therapist and the entire program from start to finish is 100% HIPPA compliant.

If the Licensed Therapist determines that the Telemedicine program is not right for your client, SmashingAddictionNow can offer referral services to the leading rehab centers across the country.


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